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What is Good Brain?

Good Brain© is a distinguished non-profit organization that extends its services to both in-school and out-of-school youth and young adults within the Los Angeles County and its adjoining communities. Our organization employs the medium of music education to nurture and unveil the potential for creativity and entrepreneurship among students. Our comprehensive programs are meticulously crafted to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in dynamic careers within the music, fashion, media, and entertainment industries.

Our overarching mission revolves around inspiring and influencing forthcoming generations of creative entrepreneurs and content creators spanning all age groups. Our unwavering commitment entails preparing individuals for the entrepreneurial and professional trajectories inherent in music, fashion, media, and entertainment. With a staunch resolve to be inclusive, we extend our reach far and wide, transcending age, gender, socio-economic strata, and geographical boundaries. This is made possible through our innovative blended learning platform, which facilitates networking, connection-building, and comprehensive exposure to a diverse audience.

Founder Quintana D.

Her profound passion for music extends beyond the realm of DJ mixing, finding its essence in the very fabric of her musical selections—an avenue of personal therapy. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, she embraces her diverse heritage as a fusion of Native American and African American lineage, an amalgamation that has endowed her with exposure to a myriad of musical influences and genres. As a prominent and engaged member of the local Los Angeles community, Quintana navigates the ebbs and flows of the Hollywood music landscape with an adept understanding. Embodied with inspiration, she carves her path as both a discerning producer and an astute talent scout, employing a plethora of creative avenues to articulate her musical identity

“To me, the profound impact of music on emotions stands paramount. It possesses the ability to evoke profound emotions provided one allows it. The concept of a world devoid of music is inconceivable to me. My objective is to propagate and generate an abundance of music, harnessing its potential to foster connection and evoke transformative emotions.“

-Quintana D.

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GoodBrain© is a dedicated platform committed to empowering entrepreneurs to evolve as accomplished artists and creators through their unwavering passion and resolute purpose. Irrespective of one's current life stage, the journey towards discovering and harnessing one's fervor in music, fashion, photography, and the realms of creativity remains boundless in its potential. Our platform stands as a beacon for those aspiring to embark on this transformative odyssey.

What are the benefits

of music?

We leverage the power of music education as a dynamic instrument to unlock the latent reservoirs of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship within individuals. Our curriculum imparts life skills by fostering networking, meaningful connections, and comprehensive exploration. Our inclusive community serves as a catalyst for enhancing academic aptitude, cognitive abilities, social adeptness, and self-esteem. As we coalesce into a nurturing family, we extend an open embrace to all those who harbor dreams and aspirations.

Why is creativity

so important?

Integrating educational programs that seamlessly interweave music, technology, and sound financial guidance is poised to exert a direct and favorable influence on the lives of our students. By dismantling barriers and nurturing proactive preparedness among students at an early juncture, we significantly augment their potential for triumph in a burgeoning industry marked by high demand. Irrespective of one's stage in life, the pursuit of aspirations holds timeless value. Our commitment to fostering thriving and triumph is steadfast, embracing all those who aspire to ascend. The inception of your contentment lies within you.

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